May, 6, 1998
I was born, wild and free
May, 6, 1999
My very first year, I was feeliní fine
May, 6, 2000
I could walk, I could talk, I could let it show
May, 6, 2001
Three and playing
May, 6, 2002
Four and starting school, I made something called a friend, we have so much fun!

May, 6, 2003
Five and proud
May, 6, 2004
Six and loud
May, 6, 2005
Seven and quiet
May, 6, 2006
Eight almost silent
May, 6, 2007
Sad and sorry, We moved yet again. My first best friend, Iíll never see her again
May, 6, 2008
Ten and happy, I was destined for greatness. I would be a pokemon master.
May, 6, 2009
Scared, thatís all I knew. My parents said divorce, they donít mean it right? They wouldnít do this to us.
May, 6, 2010
They went through with it. What can I do? How do I know they both love me back too?
May, 6, 2011
I feel so lost. I want my mommy and daddy right here. But only one at a time is ever even near.
May, 6, 2012
The world didnít end, but I wish it had. My life feels so empty without my dad. Heís still alive, but thatís all I know. He says he loves but itís all a show.

I am alone, no one is there. Thereís no one to whom my feelings can share.
I see the bars, inside my mind, theyíre cold and theyíre gray, They make up my cell.
Welcome to a room you donít leave at the bell.
Why did this happen?
Iím in despair
I just want someone to show me they care.
I fake a smile
So no one will know
No emotions
No feelings
Donít let them show

May, 6 2013
Iím in high school, itís not so bad, but when I get home
Iím back in my cage
I want to be a kid again
Even at my age
So much heartbreak
So many tears
I didnít think this much was possible in so few years
I thought Iíd be thirty before this
But I guess I was wrong
Iíll never find the one place I truly belong

No one can see me
And I doubt they would care
I will get to see the world out there
This a promise
My guarantee
I wonít let my future get away from me
I will get out
I will break free
For all of the world to see
I wonít let this continue to happen to me
This ends at some point just wait and see

May, 6, 2014
Iím not there yet
But soon will be
One day I will be wild and free
But for now
Iím still stuck here
Just like for the past four years
What did I do?
Is it the end of my sentence?
Do I get a phone call?
I feel so much rage
Outside Iím a girl
But inside Iím a girl, Whoís locked in a cage.