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    Default song played August 20 year 2014 in Bacau Romania. Is there possible to find playlist?

    Hi Now later I wondering which the song was which was played in this resturant:!6m1!1e1

    It was three songs, the exact time when the songs was playing was august 20 year 2014 with time 12.45 to 13 am in the day romanian time.

    The first song sound like something similar with: " otto soare " it was an male voice, first it was introduction, chorus and then ending with something similar to " otto soare ". Soare means sun in romanian.

    The second song that was played I remember had phrase: " By my side " right in the songs many times and there was male voice.

    The third song that was played I remember had phrase: " I'm flying ". also male voice.

    These songs was played nearly each other in a resturant nearby train station of the city of Bacau in romania at the date of august 20 year 2014 about 13'o clock local time in the country!

    The three songs was all very good songs. Is there possible to se playlist history from possible romanian radio Chanels that could be played in that resutrant of Bacau?? Or does someone now which songs it might could be? Please help.

    I have exact which place and date when this song was played so maybe it is possible to find out which songs it was. If it is possible to find playlists history of romanian radio chanels of august 20 year 2014.

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    Hi, I've tried to find something, but unluckly I know two few things about the songs. I can't grant you these are the songs you're looking for. This is what I've found.
    Alin Nica - By My Side
    Rashid - Dor de soare
    Byron - Dupa Soare
    Two - Spre soare
    Lora Ft. Omar - Flying solo

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