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    Kerri Faye Yates said:

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    You tell me that you love metaphors.
    Your arms are castle walls, protective and looming,
    Letting nothing escape.
    Your lips are lava, leaving a trail of hot liquid
    At my jawline where you kiss.
    Your hands are satin, moving across my arms, neck, and thighs,
    Raising the hair on my arms with each inhaled breath.

    You are the boat that rocks against the angry sea,
    You are the water that spills beneath the sailorís feet
    As they try to save their ship from sinking.
    You are the lightning bolts that ignite the sky in terror,
    The thunder that reverberates through my chest cavity,
    You are the calm before the storm, and the destructive aftermath.

    You are cotton candy and ferris wheels,
    Oversized stuffed animals and ring tosses.
    You are snow cones and childrenís laughter,
    As they spin around and around the tilt-a-whirl.
    You are carnival music and bumper cars
    And I am afraid that I might crash into you.

    You are the sunrise,
    The oranges and yellows that bring life to the day.
    Itís true, most people prefer sunset,
    But I prefer the way that you
    Challenge the day to come alive.
    Something beautiful that people take for granted.
    They overlook you, with snooze alarms and sh!tty coffee
    Too selfish to realize the nature of your beauty.

    You are long walks and intertwined fingers
    Of lovers discovering each others bodies.
    You are candlelit dinners and a dozen roses,
    First kisses and nervous, shaking hands.
    You are fists through the wall and spewed vulgarity,
    You are jealousy and envy and wandering eyes
    When did you stop looking into my eyes?

    You tell me that you love metaphors. But I prefer similes.
    ~Kerri Faye
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    Doug Denslowe said:


    I usually don't reply to poetry that doesn't rhyme,because it's over my head,but since it's you........I will!This is good stuff;it paints a picture with the words, and that's what it's about,in my opinion.