We'll Dream Our Lives Away

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    Johnb31 said:

    Default We'll Dream Our Lives Away

    We dream about the other side
    But sometimes the other side is inside
    And we can't escape from our faired lives
    For we are drowning in the dust of another life
    We hold tight to the handle bars
    Swinging back and forth through the yards
    Dreaming of days not too far away
    Living life in a new kind of way
    Breathing and breathing we puff away
    Until the light from the pole shines our way
    Time to go home and sleep away
    The night that has come our way
    Oh we'll dream, oh we'll dream our lives away
    And the light will forever shine the way
    There is not enough space or time to truly let the song unwind
  2. Doug Denslowe's Avatar

    Doug Denslowe said:


    This is so cool;very deep,but understandable.The line,"for we are drowning in dust of another life" can be taken several ways.I took it to mean that the writer was unhappy with the way their life is unfolding.On the other hand it may mean there's another life out there but not sure how to deal with the thought.No one knows;that's the frustration.I'd take this life and make the best of it,that's all you have,for sure.Everything else is speculation................
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    LeoGod said:


    I really like this piece man. People will live their lives wishing and dreaming of a certain lifestyle, but they never go out and take it. "Drowning in the dust of another life". I, for one, took that to be a depiction of the regret people feel about never living that other life. I love that there are other opinions. That's what poetry is about. Creating intellectual works that make people think. Again I really like this. Keep at it man you obviously have a good understanding of life.