It's a long shot, but.... [Thrash/goth/black metal]

Thread: It's a long shot, but.... [Thrash/goth/black metal]

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  1. Phobos613 said:

    Question It's a long shot, but.... [Thrash/goth/black metal]

    I had this song on a mix CD around 2003-2004. The song would be from the mid 90s to 2004 I'm guessing.

    This song is very fast metal with a lot of high-pitched screaming, potentially female vocalist. after a short bit of percussion intro, there is a really long (~10 seconds?) intro scream with really fast drums and guitar.
    For much of the song the drums are just kick/snare/kick/snare/kick/snare etc. like many ridiculously fast metal songs.

    At some point in the song the metal stops and there's a lower whispering male voice saying something like "dark angel gloss my soul..." and continued whispering a few more lines...

    and later another part with male and female voices saying something like "We bow/pray to the.... ....upon the sea" (at least that's what it sounded like). very 'evil' sounding song

    I'm going off of faint bits of memory here, and I don't expect much, seeing it's an older song, but I might get lucky!
    Thanks to anyone who viewed this!
  2. Phobos613 said:


    Never mind! I found the song. Man was I ever WAY off with this info too. It turned out to be 'Nocturnal Supremacy' by Cradle of Filth.