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    (a bit of fantasy again, for old times sake)

    I. Fire

    I read through the fires
    past lives, sun & above.
    I breathe atoms I've inhaled before...
    whence these thoughts...
    That which loftily bumps beneath my feet, as it gets succumbed by my sphere?
    the chemicals.. you'd think.. or dust..
    I've read the infinite and its hollow
    and it is me, only me...
    By the dirt I've traversed which feels longer by any fire I used to have.


    The uncanny whispers beyond my cell door..

    "I've heard the singing for quite some time now, outside that is..
    free-birds, have kept their distance for now.
    I guess that which my presence beaks,
    not sure but how these ashes seethe..
    .. or why it surrounds us and frightens them.."

    ..and turns its footsteps back at me..

    "Bellows peers, darkness burns..
    I believe protection serves its purpose to some degree..
    but how long does it take?
    Does confinement and slavery give anything to you?
    O white walls I serve you, thus we all live within your boundaries, this maniacal laughter bouncing of the wool's!"


    We are one but the same, ethnics and groups divide
    yet we all share our same.
    Each to our own respective stations,
    we greet and smile for all it's worth.
    Thus this is a kind prison
    yet, the darkness lingers there..
    sickness in every crevice or corners
    evening past & day still
    at night, twilight dawns.. I feel contempt
    old contexts wither and die
    years as millenniums as suns
    and rebirth.

    II. Escape

    In the shadows of my wall
    a stray of light beams across my dorm
    the dust ignites while on it's way I marvel, to touch..
    Along the white light appears a line vaguely on the prison floor "the beak reveals a feather.."
    as if so...from nowhere appears another line
    "have you forgotten?..."
    A short reply from my nether screams a


    I claw through this tiny hole presented upon me
    for many months whilst the darkness seems to disperse by each passing day..
    whence I reach the final day of escape..


    Alas, thus I hear the birds song from beyond!
    "When the ember penetrates the mists, aloft!
    Sear the heavens on thy planes of flight!"


    I push the walls of which intricate puzzle I know very well..
    but to my hastened mistake, intoxicated while I step out..I feel no bottom..
    thus I fall..
    ..deeper into the abyss I spread my arms out
    and it reminds me of an icon. Icarus in a desperate attempt! As I howl at the searing winds!
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