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    Default HELP? Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices


    First time I come here, I am not exactly sure how it works but I would need help identifying a song that seems to me like it is from the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices. It was used in the form of a remix in a French video and I really like it and was wondering if I can find it and possibly what the lyrics mean.
    You can find it on that video at that time. It won't be hearable for long as the character starts singing (rapping?) on top of it but I reckon it should be enough to identify it if you know it ^^'

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi David!

    Your request was quite a hard challenge since my understanding of French is close to zero and I needed a starting point on what to search for exactly.

    Let me first say that its a word or two sampled from a folklore song, then heavily altered and overlayed.
    Any real Bulgarian word can not be recognized in this track.

    So, here it's what I found for you:
    1. Your french guy is rapping over this track :

    2. FDH Channel1 month ago (edited):
    Just to make it clear: The Beat is produced by BeatBrothers. The Rapsong (on my Channel) is made by me. I bought the Beat for commercial use

    3. Found that guy FDH on FB and left him a message , he was friendly and redirected me to the original beat:

    5. Check out the second comment

    I advice you to ask on youtube (the last video). Maybe if we know where samples are bought from and who created them as well as sample title, the research could have successful results

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