im looking for the same song, help

Thread: im looking for the same song, help

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  1. pigvomit said:

    Default im looking for the same song, help

    Was looking for that song for years now. Today i found a thread about it here:

    It is marked as the "SOLVED" but there is NO TITLE anywhere in the post.
    Im pretty sure that this dude was looking for the SAME song, and he found it but he didnt even bothered to write the answer. It's really bugging me out, I've already wrote him a message but no answer, post is old.
    It makes me mad. I have no more information than in that post above.

    so i need your help, thanks, cheers
  2. Frankie Jasmine's Avatar

    Frankie Jasmine said:


    The YouTube link is titled "Delirious? - Eagle Rider" (perhaps Kingdom of Comfort album?).

    I take it this is not the song you're looking for, though... Sometimes people pop in for a single post, then run off. Not sure if that's the case with this member. Too bad the Solve wasn't shared.
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  3. pigvomit said:


    well yeah, that's unfortunate, I guess I'll never find out. thanks, cheers