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  1. rdgnrdgn said:

    Smile Yehonathan-Belayla Ham Bakaitz

    I could not find the lyrics anywhere. Can someone listen and write the lyrics?
    If you write both lyrics and tranliteration it would be perfect.
    By the way its my first post, I'm new here, please do not delete the thread if I posted it to wrong sub-forum .
  2. feuersteve's Avatar

    feuersteve said:


    Welcome to ATL, rdgnrdgn .

    It helps to post the links. Is this the correct song?

    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
  3. rdgnrdgn said:


    Yes it's correct song. and this one is the original version.
  4. yosis's Avatar

    yosis said:


    hello the original version is this
    belayla ham bakitze \in one night in the summer

    in one night in the summer at the height of the party
    one glance in the eyes one glance at the ground (he take look on his boyfriend and another glance he look at the floor )
    meanwhile, we are waiting for the next step (
    (he wait for his boyfriend when he will spread
    and they are will snuggling with each and other)
    at one night in the summer me and you

    maybe it ( happen) today or tomorewo or maybe now
    maybe it only in my imagination
    I jump, I lift my hands and i handing over (each with other) I dance in a dream

    in one night in the summer at the height of the party
    I feel hot in my cheeks , and in my chest I feel an twinges
    we shake hands with each and other
    and we taking a bow
    and at night we are enter the ring

    מבט בעיניים , מבט באדמה
    מחכים בינתיים , לצעד הבא
    בלילה חם בקיץ אני ואתה

    אולי היום אולי מחר אולי עכשיו
    אולי זה בדימיון
    אני קופץ מרים ידיים ומתמסר רוקד בתוך חלום
    בלילה חם בקיץ באמצע מסיבה
    חום בלחיים ובחזה דקירה
    מושטים ידיים וקדים קידה
    בלילה חם בקיץ נכנסים אל הזירה
  5. rdgnrdgn said:


    Hi yosis thank you for work. Would you write its transliteration if you can please? Because I can't read Hebrew, I tried to transliterate the lyrics, but I failed. I can do Greek transliterations but somehow I cant do in Hebrew. Nice but hard language.