Help please find this song!

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  1. Frosty said:

    Default Help please find this song!

    Hello! Some song has been stuck in my head, I'm not sure if these lyrics are perfectly accurate, so far googling didn't help so I suppose I messed it up a bit. It was sang by female vocale mostly and some part of the lyrics were: ''If you could see what I see...'' ''If you could feel what I feel...'' ''You don't have what I have, to...'' ''And now we have time we spend...'', something like that. I know, not a lot of info, but maybe I'm lucky enough.
  2. wurzlsepp said:


    Most likely you think of this song Holly McNarland - Memory Of A Man
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    Frankie Jasmine said:


    @wurzlsepp: what a great song!
  4. Frosty said:


    Buddy I love you dude thanks ;333 DD