Hey y'all, i'm 16 and this is one of my first pieces of "poetry" I usually write rap lyrics, so I would really appreciate some feedback on this. Kind of dark, but I like to depict what a lot of people think or feel but would never show.

i smoke weed to burn fake troubles away
i know me so learn to take my troubles n pain
I touch my knees to the ground and clap my hands together
I clutch and need the sound that will put my life back together
if i keep searching i'll end up looking forever
yeah eternity's forever like an endless endeavour
i follow it like a letter to the center of whatever
and so on forever after love will be my ember
always follow my heart cuz that's my only tether
through thick and thin and no matter the weather

always do what makes makes your heart warm
happiness will shelter you through the cold of the storm
love can be aggressive like a great thunderstorm
love can leave you unaware like fates chloroform
above all else love is a platform to transform
its reform brings you to perform
with peace
in uniform