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    This will be a mixed collection of my better pieces of work from this past year. I would really appreciate and definitely welcome all constructive criticism and correction. Thanks y'all!
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    Search for Love
    i smoke weed to burn fake troubles away
    i know me so learn to take my troubles n pain
    I touch my knees to the ground and clap my hands together
    I clutch and need the sound that will put my life back together
    if i keep searching i'll end up looking forever
    yeah eternity's forever like an endless endeavour
    i follow it like a letter to the center of whatever
    and so on forever after love will be my ember
    always follow my heart cuz that's my only tether
    through thick and thin and no matter the weather

    always do what makes makes your heart warm
    happiness will shelter you through the cold of the storm
    love can be aggressive like a great thunderstorm
    love can leave you unaware like fates chloroform
    above all else love is a platform to transform
    its reform brings you to perform
    with peace
    in uniform
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    Everybody lies
    Everybody got their own lord of the flies
    Secrets and lies
    People ain't never really wise
    When people used to tell me **** I never thought otherwise
    I thought *****s was real and didn’t tell no lies
    I trusted those *****s to keep my faith
    All they did was tear it away
    Turned me around made me run the other way
    Now I think in a new way
    The real way
    Life ain’t always about the sun’s ray
    Sometimes you gotta live with the rain

    Cuz everybody lies
    Everybody got they own way
    Everybody thinks they wise
    And **** a ***** thinkin otherwise

    They had a young boys life to mold
    I should thank them for the man I can now behold
    In years I am young but in experience I grow old
    This is life so grab your hunny and bring her in close
    But if too much trust start
    Watch for the knife she will slip in your heart

    Cuz everybody lies
    Everybody got they own way
    Everybody think they wise
    And **** a ***** thinkin otherwise

    They say you don’t really know what you got till it’s gone
    Well now I know and i’m about to kick its *** back to day one
    I dont give a **** what they really want
    I know what they deserve and I wanna be the one who serves
    Cuz revenge is a dish best served cold
    And i’m running back on them *****s like batman the brave and the bold
    If you tryna stop me you might as well fold
    Cuz God knows this ***** won’t stop to the day he grow old
    And if these *****es, these snitches, these ****in itches under my skin dont stop talking and causin me to sin then ima have to shut they asses up to the count of ten then bury them *****s 6 feet in

    Cuz everybody lies
    Everybody think they the ***** with the clear blue eyes
    They say death to a ***** that states on the other side
    They manipulate then smile wide
    These *****s days is ova
    Cuz ima tear their raw hide
    So violently a ***** gon stand there wide eyed
    Look through the white soulless eyes
    Welcome yo mutha****in demise
    Let me see the evil flee your eyes
    Your fall brings about my rise
    One door closes another opens wide
    So come and get it there’s no point in tryna hide
    Pick a side
    Or die
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    everybody only worryin about a brand new car
    and kids these days don't know who they really are
    they tell you jump for the star as if that's really far
    this culture is how kids will end up sittin on a bar
    and sure you could say that my rappin is pretty up to par
    but if i'm doin me and you're doin you it doesn’t even matter

    kids in the school nowadays actin like sharks as they encircle
    these *****es preyin on you cuz you're different just like Steve Urkel
    all of life's universal
    that **** come back like a full circle
    i cant believe its so hurtful
    when these bullies get so verbal
    keep your shell hard like a turtle
    know you above em like the color purple
    people puttin down people and that's just today's culture
    got *****s jumpin over hurdles just to get to the herbals
    dont pick on a ***** cuz he got his pokemon squirtle
    for all you know he's makin your girl go squirtle
    all these losers gloin up now cuz they fertile
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    I don't **** with your capacity for apprehension
    i'm approximate with the proximity of tension
    puttin in the recension on the quotation of my descension
    gotta elevate to acquire this level of ascension
    gotta ameliorate on your tendencies
    don’t celebrate all your improprieties
    *****s domin’ on me so silently
    ****in with me means accepting your fate
    tough break

    thats your predestination not mine
    i'm getting ready for my commencement time
    aye dog you got my acceptance tie?
    lemme hear that compliance line
    right here’s that defiance and wine
    i'm my own guy but if i was drake i'd spend a year on every line
    i put consideration into my creation, y'all perform desecration on your procreation
    i don't get how people be into this hypocrisy
    think about the plank in your own eye honestly
    maybe you're not on top. i mean its a probability
    but yall *****s think everything is a liability
    you'll never claim legitimate credibility
    that **** can't match up to my capability
    i can't even take a step outside without my *****s standin right there with me

    i'm not saying that i'm superior
    i'm not even sayin yall are inferior

    shouldn't say that **** at all
    that's how all my ****’ll fall

    i'm executin and concludin
    *****s need to get up and start doin
    life can’t be endlessly interludin
    understand that you're just a student

    invest in the trial and gain back in the dividend
    i know my **** is fire n’ i preach to the very end
    i don't need one single ***** to tell me where i'm at
    if you gon step up step up, and that's that

    hoes so hungry it's like they anorexic
    *****es be changing their waistline like its elastic
    they even think that's fantastic
    but don't you want to be emblematic or idiosyncratic
    i don't understand why people all wanna be the same
    that's a damn shame cause all those kids ain't gon’ achieve their fame
    these *****s is so lame
    their verses are so tame
    when i catch up and save the dame
    ima catch these *****s face and put it in a frame
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    don't know who the **** you is
    raps be stinky like a deuce is
    see yall *****s later like dueces
    my raps tellin stories like dr suess is

    you're unknown *****
    better send a drone *****
    i'm just chillin and sippin on my patron *****

    yeah i got that cat in the hat and i rap that
    get my pack back in my backpack bringing rap back like ***** so fast
    on my pokemon ratatatat
    ***** so fine ima tap that
    lil johnny down bring the trap back
    cop settin traps and i catch that
    planning so good you can't hatch that
    feelin drake in a subaru hatch back
    movin on like that's the last pack
    *****es attackin me on twitter wit a hashtag
    *****s tellin me like man i wish i had that
    and i think it's kinda sad that
    most yall *****s dont know where you stand at
    but look at me that's just where my brand at
    *****s ask me if i know that ***** brandon
    i'm like no but i know my star wars and i'm landin like calrissian
    science *****
    nuclear fission
    country boy and i'm out here fishin then
    but sadly this verse is finishin
    if you want more then get to listenin and wishin that
    ima rap that never wrap that all my craps at where i lack that
    my raps are a mystery scooby doo better crack that
    but everybody knows that shaggy is a crack head
    and boo hoo your childhood so sad
    ***** ain't nobody care shits too bad
    shots flyin and you'll catch that
    money leavin the room better get that cash back
    i'm like **** a ***** and his snapback
    hit ya girl up last night on my snapchat
    young *****s like eggs better hatch that
    ***** learn where your buckets at
    aye dog where my ***** t buckets at
    promise you i’m the most crazy ***** to date
    yesterday you said tomorrow and now it's today
    how damn long you tryna wait
    you a **** boy never take ya girl out on a date
    postin on twitter like you want a tbh and rate
    like really *****? is that how you gon win your mate?
    life ain't fair life ain't fair call that **** a stalemate
    swag so bright im finna blind a mate
    they be settin me up like blind dates
    and damn i wish i was blind on that date
    cuz that hoes face so ugly it was blindin me mane

    you're unkown *****
    i'm just chillin and sippin on my patron *****

    and **** i ain't a bettin man
    but i'm bettin you won't catch me frettin man
    look around at all this **** who the **** you think set it man
    rollin round in my mutha****in sudan
    *****s playin like i ain't got no mutha****in floor plan
    i'm blowin this **** up like it's iran
    don't be jealous just cuz i rap better than you can
    only thing yo *** good for is a spray can
    kill all y'all *****s and get the throne that's my game plan
    sittin at home at the bottom that's how this **** began
    ohh these verses gettin hot better turn up the attic fan
    cookin these *****s and flippin packs like a mutha****in frying pan
    and you know i'm cashin out like the goddamn bank of japan
    don't think i'm a fool cuz i'm intelligent
    workin on my mutha****in stock purchase plan
    gettin ready to wheel yo junk *** out like a trash can
    why are you so borin? change your name to raisin bran
    ima do me and you could **** off that's the master plan
    went to your girls house 4 times this week that's my travel plan
    i'm so high on life that i'm flyin right by like i'm mutha****in peter pan
    don't scrutinize me i know that i'm rollin round in a mini van
    but none of y'all *****s can understand my secret plan
    use your mind i'm just buildin up my pension plan
    just watch next week ima be floatin round in my cataran
    ***** please i'm bringin up all these young kids like a watering can
    probably already lost half y'all ***** *** *****s with no attention span

    you don't know who you're ****in with
    got my own religion like joseph smith
    i'm craftin my words i guess i'm a wordsmith
    one day *****s speak my name like a damn myth
    all y'all *****s so sour be tastin like some granny smith
    no chorus ***** only verse is what i'm sayin
    **** you thinkin that i'm playin
    ain't no games out here man we slayin and we slangin
    *****s gettin uneasy and they be swayin
    y'all *****s better bring what you owe cuz i'm weighin
    if you ****in with this crew you best be prayin
    cuz all my *****s hungry and we preyin
    puttin bodies down and we layin
    **** don't bother me that's just what i'm sayin
    don't need no piece on my belt cuz my words be sprayin
    aye i just wanna know who i can trust i'm surveyin
    spread your feathers out and get to displayin cuz i ain't playin this delayin
    watch yo *** that's what i'm sayin i ain't playin sweepin around as i'm aimin
    all this hate is frustratin i feel like y'all ain't even participatin
    better catch up real quick cuz there ain't no waitin
    smokin the troubles away spend the whole night bakin
    livin life like you on top and all you do is fake it
    can't pretend to be happy and dance the night away like kevin bacon