The Greek sense of "urgency" and the US sense of "urgency"

Thread: The Greek sense of "urgency" and the US sense of "urgency"

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    Default The Greek sense of "urgency" and the US sense of "urgency"

    Amethystos and Duffy Dack - I thought you would appreciate the humor in the story that I tell below. Unfortunately, the serious side of the story is that delay on the part of the National Bank of Greece is delaying forward motion with the new company ... not critically (since I have interim funds that I can use) but still substantially ...

    On October 23, my US bank was supposed to wire 7000 Euro to my lawyer's bank in Greece, but due to inexperienced personnel in my branch office, the conversion was done incorrectly and a total of 6155 Euro wound up in the lawyer's account.

    So, I told my bank to issue a revocation request (so that I could re-wire the correct amount), and after waiting two weeks, my bank had not received back the funds from the Greek bank (National Bank of Greece).

    So, my bank issued a request to cancel the revocation, and I asked my lawyer to tell his bank in Greece to leave the 6155 where it was in his account. I also sent an additional wire for 845, to bring the total amount up to 7000.

    So the lawyer went to his branch in Iwannina and the branch told him that the revocation was already processed and could not be cancelled. This was about three weeks ago.

    So, I waited until last Thursday (19 Nov) and went to my branch to see what was going on (because after two weeks, the 6155 was still not back on this side of the Atlantic.)

    My branch instructed the wire department of my bank here to send a high-priority trace, and here we are a week later with not even a response from the Greek bank to this high-priority trace.

    So, obviously, the Greek sense of urgency in answering a bank-to-bank high-prioirty trace is different from the US sense of urgency in such a situation. One would think that there would be a response to a high-priority bank-to-bank trace within a week,

    But apparently not so in Greece ... LOL.

    Will I EVER see tje 6155 on this side of the Atlantic again? And if so, I wonder when ...
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    The situation was resolved last week - the Greek bank actually honored the revocation of the revocation and the money is safely in the lawyer's account in Greece. So, a month for three transactions isn't bad - the original wire, the revocation, and the revocation of the revocation ...