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    Default Recent Foreign Song On American Radio? Amor or Amore

    Okay so I was shopping in North Carolina about a month back, and I heard this song in a store. It will complete my life if I can find it. I couldn't really catch any of the specific lyrics, because I can't pick up much of anything if it isn't English. I imagine this song is fairly recent, since it was playing through a store's loudspeakers. It had a Spanish, or maybe even Italian vibe to it, and it was a duet. A man and a woman almost conversing more than singing, but the last word in several of the dialogue lines was amor, mi amore, or amore on its own. I would love to know what this song it, it was amazing. The song was fast, but slow enough for them to sing-talk to one another while still sounding like a normal conversation, and there were a lot of percussive instruments in the background. Your help is appreciated.

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    You might try Romina Power (Tyrone Power's daughter) and Al Bano, but they're not so recent.
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