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    Talking Rap Battle Freestyle for fun

    Well Guys! This is it Come to the Ultimate Rap Battle Freestyle you've been lookin for. oh and Have fun!

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    Wher em *****hs

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    I spit Blood cancer Punch With Waves I Dive On Top Of Lame Niqqa like u alien 'Having My Sins In Wallet 'My Gun Blast Wilder Killing Niqqas Same Time Coz They playin with Electrical Attracting Positive Charges 'Let Coffin Be the' wife' of your wack sh*t 'while Bible Is The Pastor To Bless You' Way To Heaven' Im Calling The' Shots More Bullet Holes Shall Make Holes Of Many Hoes Like delta9 dik Every Soul Breathe For Last Time' as I prime' in time' buh inaction coz ya lack action 'when I Show Up Like Akol' I leave this cat Cold n' Masterbating ' using my lines' Is Reserved For The Day I Die With C4 On My Heart Coz I Wanna bomb heaven' ma bars can see the future' as your rhymes' got stuck on BC times'
    As I plant verbal tips in your skull

    - Young Akol

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    Okay i dive
    poin so much i strive
    stab you deep like knive
    all i do is canive
    it a festival
    because im the best yall
    they call me god
    cuz i runnin heaven
    this one mackin so much it a seven
    but my girl a eleven
    i pay for it
    but your raps aint sh*t
    try stepping like a god
    i flow
    i got the go
    and all you got is blow
    it not a game
    it the rap battle for sho
    but im not the only one bangin ya ***
    the truth doe
    stop playin and watch me glow


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    stop playing and watch me glow, as a matter of fact you can watch me shine
    with the glock squeeze iron, you can put me in a cage but you cant lock me down
    not me pal, liquor sloppy an I mock weak style
    get up off me, cause its early ***** I still aint get my coffee an I'm not me now
    of the top freestyle, how I hit em with that habber-dash
    on some riddolin and a gram of wax, I drop a glob in the banger
    make mc hammer do the hammer dance
    that lucy got **** melting like its candle wax
    I'm good though I got myself an I can handle that
    got band of cats I'm not lion that's my pride, that's where my family at
    look where I'm standing at, i got nothing to loose
    well **** it i do, as if something was new
    truth is i have no problem being locked up, i kinda **** with the food
    so tell these acting *** rappers I'm behind they butt with some lube
    i saw you had fanbase on your side I'm tryn **** with you too
    ...that wasn't a joke on anal sex....maybe just a little ..............
    I'm crazy in the mental, like mom raised me with the pitbulls
    you know what I'm about snorting coke until I'm foaming out the mouth
    sobers drownded out it, but i swear mann **** cool
    ..............its not really battle bars but i was bored..........................

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    Ive descended on this thread like im divine,
    Here to save you from your sins, line by line,
    I slaughter these lambs, offering of blood,
    Like Noahs Arc, my lyrics will flood,
    The n iggas , drown you clowns,
    Ship shinking slowly, deep into the rounds,
    My bars like a tsunami, hits yall coast to coastal,
    Ill slaughter each post-man, im going postal
    OP thinks hes an Over Power super saiyan,
    Hes a loser overweight Otaku anime fan,
    You call yourself ssj?
    What u got against the Don in God mode?
    I Don Blue, or go pure wit ultra instinct code,
    Tap inside my internal powers ,
    Young akol zeus, u a f uckin coward,
    U wrote lines like you in an institution setting,
    You belong in your nuthouse dorm, mr bed wetting,
    You call urself zeus,
    But really u an ugly masseuse,
    You act like so big but u a recluse,
    Im about to let my hands loose,
    You gonna get styled on, call me papoose,
    Change ur name to mother goose,
    My lyrics will break u, grab the noose
    DaKinng is a lame paraplegic species,
    He raps like hes got a moutful of feces,
    Callin himself a king,
    But im like sauron, only i have a power ring,
    Or call me thanos, infinity stones,
    Dakinng end up fightin me wit broken bones,
    I guess the reason he has an extra N,
    Is cause only I got the power of zen,
    Call me Coach Jackson
    U gettin benched, no action,
    Dont associate wit king james,
    You ringless, man, u on the bench during games,
    Worse than scalabrine or luke,
    U cudnt hit a blind shot in the dark, no fluke,
    Jun youve already been roasted by me,
    If i keep goin, ull be burnt like a tree,
    Youd better flee,
    I will slap you around for free,
    No need to pay a fee,
    You a g ay n igga watchin Glee,
    You have a smaller **** than glenn rhee,
    U chose a g ay kpop name,
    U already know how i play the game,
    I hit u wit asian jokes and racist rhymes
    chose the wrong nickname to use, i will carry out hate crimes,
    Go back to eatin ur doggy dog,
    Your c hink eyes cant see well, ur vision foggy fog,
    candy wrappers, i eat u like wonka, willy ,
    Comin at me wit weak bars but i slap u silly,
    Jun the g ook named f aggot,
    D ick smaller than an inchworm maggot,
    I roasted this peking duck,
    He aint even worth battlin for a free buck,
    You suck,
    I turn u into sharkfinn soup, huck,
    Ill lynch this fake chinamen on the street,
    Ill bang his wife like a video from asianstreetmeat,
    His face will turn into fried bacon,
    Il jerk him with my blade, like a jamaican,
    You poor little thing,
    Youre more lame than yao ming,
    Ill dunk on you like im vince carter,
    My lines hot like prime ali larter,
    I kill yall easily, like ur the walking dead ,
    My lyrics are like Rick Grimes bullets in ur head,
    Yall are worse than mindless sheep,
    Call me the shepherd, im puttin yall to sleep,
    You n iggas got nothing on a living god,
    Im a battle rap god, fisherman reelin cod,
    Yall can catch my punches and hook,
    Call me Chef Ramsay, yall getting cooked

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    Tomdadondon0522, you really good. Please we chat on what'sap? I'm a singer, have got nice songs. I do abit of Hip Hop.. I will like to work with you 07032107337... Please add me up let's chat.. We should create a group on whatsap to help our selves lyrically. No one is perfect. Even the late king of pop got some of his songs from another artist.

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