Exalted we are, written to be the mind of the biosphere without a doubt...our spirits uniquely capable of awe and ever more breathtaking leaps of imagination. But we are still part of earth's fauna and flora, bound to it by emotion, physiology and not least, deep history.
Edward O. Wilson

We are not born just of physical form but so much more.

We are social and we desire being social so much that we cannot breathe without it.

We can see ourselves almost as clearly as we can cognate an ant or an elephant.

We are dominant but we love to give as much as take.

We know that we are in charge of the biosphere but we still want to not touch it, leave it unspoiled because we love its Beauty even more than its Function....

A tree is a thing is a life
and when a tree dies so do I

My nest is where the tribe is
and the tribe is everything
But it isn't me and that's
why I need you.
Can you make sense of me?
How did you get here?
Why do you think you came?

Natural selection is an anti-irrational reflection
and evolution is revolution in inside-out reverse.
If we step back it makes us wonder
What it is that holds the galaxy together
and how do I stay inside my skin?
Cosmicly it's a kaleidoscopic dichotomy.......

I am my genes but we can make our own
and I don't even care what colors we use.
I see your purple purity
and I'm a rainbow.
I feel the immortality of my self
etching heiroglyphs on a stargate
that the next stone age will wonder upon
but the creation is not creation at all,
it's just math. The perfect quantum sum
of quasi-chaotic imperfection

Are we alone? Earth on a stick
spinning and swirling in watercolor
whitewashing the future
with a diluted past

I can't. But I am the chimera of our life and
I can do everything and
be everything and
we are everything and
the ultimate victory will End us but
it won't matter because we are Immortal.
We spun our omniverse from crimson china silk
and my heart is molten blue steel
Can you feel the heat?
Let me pour into your hands
and mold the new universe that will begin us again.