Heard this at Kohl's and Kroger

Thread: Heard this at Kohl's and Kroger

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  1. Sean Kalifut said:

    Question Heard this at Kohl's and Kroger

    Heard it mostly at Kroger. This song has been bothering me for a couple of months. I believe it is from the 80's or 90's. I tried to do a google search with the lyrics and found nothing. I even asked a lot of my co-workers and even they did not know.
    Some of the lyrics that I can vaguely remember: "Maybe you're too naive or that I am too cold." Another set of lyrics that come in a little clearer are: "The days are longer, its warmer now and I got to ask ohhhh Renee can you come out to play tonight?"
    Any help is appreciated. This is a very difficult song to track down.
  2. bart3456732 said:


    looking for this song lyrics go won't you dance with me its kinda of an 80's sound or 90's