Amer Zayan - Ya Laylet Elly Ma Nimta

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    elfborn said:

    Default Amer Zayan - Ya Laylet Elly Ma Nimta

    Hey y'all!

    I've searched for it really hard but couldn't find it anywhere.

    Can someone please translate and transliterate this perfect song by Amer Zayan?

    Thank you very much!

    P.S. And I think Amer Zayan needs his own thread, I can't find him in the list of all translated songs in Arabic
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    ‎يا ليلة الما نمتا معود ع صدري تنامي
    ya laylet elma nemta ma3wad 3a 9adre tnamee
    that night I couldnít sleep, you were not sleeping next to me

    ‎نمتي امبارح بره البيت بره البيت
    nemtee embar7 brah elbait brah elbait
    last night you slept outside our home

    ‎مات من البرد احرامي
    mat min elbard e7ramee
    my blanket was freezing to death (that 's not even possible! Stop lying please

    ‎شو بخاف تكوني نمتي بردانه او خيفانه
    sho be5af tkone nemtee berdanh ow 5efanh
    I am afraid while you were sleeping you might get cold and scared

    ‎ما بيهدي بالي لو كنتي بحضن امك غفيانه
    ma behda bali law kente b7udun emik ğifyaneh
    I canít calm down even if you were sleeping on your momís lap

    ‎بتنامي عني بعيده ما فيا وما بتخيل
    betnamee 3ane b3edh ma fey wa me bet5ayil
    I canít stand being without you I canít even imagine

    ‎شغله مانا بايدي واعصابي ما بتتحمل
    shağleh mana bedee wa a39abee ma bett7amal
    itís out of my hands! I canít help! itís getting on my nerves!
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    elfborn said:


    Thank you so much my dear ^^
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    3af1 3zz