Queen B./
She plucked them heart strings in the most memorable chords/
A masterpiece, both of my pupils adorned/
I remember yours/
Deep as shores that each of the four corners store/
Reaching as far as infinity explores/

More and more, I realized I won't forget what we've absorbed/
You and me, roaming snow coated streets, cold and warm/
Your soul, old and meek, floating free in my arms/
Painted-on Angel wings blowing in the breeze of the calm storm/

Bled the seas through an art form/
Even though sharks wanted us torn, we'd be too hard to break apart/
Parted parting at the finish of our bargain, from the start/
Tart from lemons life gave became too harsh to harbor darling/

Got gone, all the action was missin'/
Decisions, decisions/
How did addition end up division?/
I don't get it/
We let our soles reach the road less conformed to/
A rough rip off Bonnie and Clyde that just tore through/

All these memories soar through scenes I can't ignore/
Thinking bout you got to being a chore/
But I guess it was the universe that planned it like that/
Even so, I'm down for you to the planets and back/