One day I took a break/
Looking down, I followed doubt/
Got close enough to hear what it was trying to say/
Crystal clear/
Whispering stay around/

Wait on today, wish for tomorrow/
That was gospel to my faith/
Made me slip into change/
Help me escape from the now/
Until later came, and I stumbled in the dirt and saw my face in the ground/

Found a crown made of clay/
Forever ruling over hatred/
Blanketed the makeshift you, when you were naked/
Out in your youth/
Used to eluding the truth/
Gave wounds and bruises that sustain, just so you know that you can make it/

Don't know what future hands hold, so I plan to take it in my own/
Digging for gold at the cape of my soul/
Hoping it glows when I show up to the gates it escaped/
In days of old/
Thanks to grace it'll be great to behold/

Be whole again/
Be eight forever/
Never away/
Better days just a pace from pleasure/
Treasure the chase/
Erase pressure with each breath I take/
Memories fester in due time/
Dueling fate until I scribe my last letter/
And it's sent off to the sky/

Sometimes I wonder why I found myself, way at the bottom/
Where autumn blossoms/
Thought I heard it's only lonely at the top of the world/
Word to Ma they got em'/
Often was the frolic I'd see/
The opposite of what it offered to me, it seemed/

Heart hard as a rock bought on streets, causing callused feet/
Halting freedom/
Stopping us from where we needed to be/
Replaced stars with the coffin in which they see me asleep in/
Dreamin' of peace being within our reach/

Talking to wind, walking slow/
Witnessed the death of an ego/
Sun setting over a setting meant for someone who believes more than me/
Words I sketch green the earth with a placebo effect/
Reject evil until it's deeper than Elounda in Crete/

Glad I got up under the rut that I was stuck in between/
Knocked the rust off my kicks at the cuff of my jeans/
Polishes my wings/
Watched as problems receded/
Via the deeds of Jesus that day He died on calvary/

Broke free from deceit/
And apprehended my conscience/
Lifted weight off my mind, so I can ascend above the nonsense/
The promise I keep, is as the promise that was kept/
Forever recollect the knowledge that a father should never forget/