Faded night/
Eye on the prize/
It's 95' yo/
I'm only 4/
Forged in ninth month/
This world mine for sure/
Time to rise up sunshine/
Done with the dimes that won't buy time for us to survive/

Rolling nice, like painted dice/
Mo' dough on the mind/
Nope, it's more/
For those who found The good Lord out in Mordor/
There's open doors by that shoreline they don't adore/
Which hurts worse than a mind ignored/

Mined by life's wisdom/
Complex and intricate in form/
Yet, not bound by its length/
A diamond-gem mix in the rough, tryna get rich/
Gifted to many, only received by some/
None of which fit the script of love pictured in Devine scripture/

Shining dim amidst the clouded horizon/
Sky crying for dying wishes/
Of which few reside subsided/
Bye love/
I think it's time we bided/
Such a rush it was/
Up until the hour it was tough/

Ours had come to depart/
Peace in my heart, hate to leave though/
But I need that necessity of freedom in my soul/
Before I'm gone, floating golden streets, becoming tree soil/
Fleeing grief/
Finally see turmoil cease/

Hopefully my folks'll reach the totem's peak/
Peeping broken dreams mold at the seams/
Unfolding as dope poem pieces/
Reopened as sheets of hope, wrote in G-code/
Owned by those who heeded it's notes/

Cloaked in old chic robes and SB's, molded out of growth/
Told me when in need, low knees be the pose/
Leaning Cleco, for those who roam roads that these sneakers can't crease on/
Floating wings, where kings and queens retreat/

Freed of reproach/
Re-rolled the dice, scored a Heaven they could behold/
That most only peephole through sleet and snow/
Like we did/
Way back, at seventeen and such/
Just some young kids, all thinking we grown/

Before we gone, I'm tryna repo memories I only see when I'm asleep/
So the future keeps the things that only we know/
Deep as deep goes, and gets/
So be my loyalty/
Never forget those who've helped pave the way for me/
Way before me/