Now how do I word this/
Perfect is too elusive from truth/
It hurts yes, but homie wipe off the dirt from your shirt/
We too fresh to mold/
Youth is ever grown in our souls/
Curb the stress/
Being worth it is never worthless/

Change the path you started on/
It ain't too late to take charge/
Though the mainstream makes it seem hard/
Say the pain and scars is what makes us who we are/
But what's the meaning of a journey, if the finish stays the same as the start/

Stained heart, painting peace on the page/
Erasing grief/
Up late, when I shoulda been asleep, grabbing dreams/
Instead, was steady connecting the pen to pad/
Nothing better goes together to ease the eve/

Thinking back on teen me/
Teem with pressure/
Writing pieces to fly beats, undefined by forever/
Deemed treasure by I/
Diamond mind, fleeing pressure/
Head hotter than heat, in fleece weather/
Not yet, a G getter/

Wishing I could dry the sky's eyes, so we can see better/
Peep Elysian peaks with less effort/
Fiend for peace, find it dwelling right next to where these memories fester/
Each week flying by, time seeping through measure it seemed/

I was lost, sailing off, like Christopher Cross/
Soul searching the abyss/
Things were Kriss Kross, I had to find a way to flip it all/
Walking, often in awe/
Gawking at stars, watching Autumn comets fall/

Fell in love with life/
Finally saw the bright side my nights always showed/
But I was just too blind to sight the glow/
Bold and golden, like the road that I seek/
Some days it's tough/
But somebody once reminded me, we never know what tomorrow holds/
So let it go