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  1. JO BO said:

    Red face " dust and stone"

    Hi; I am new to song writing and have a lot to learn so I expect criticism etc....but that will help me learn. I have completed 6 lyrical songs so far and as others am looking for suggestions on improving. Here is one of my first attempts.....I hope it gives someone pleasure and maybe you could write the music to it. Thanks.


    I saw you walking in the rain
    Think September 10th the day
    I'm sure you thanked me for the ride

    I dropped you on the road to fame
    And forever saw you standing there
    My road goes nowhere I can see.

    ( Chorus)
    I'm cold,oh so cold
    Alone,all alone
    Every tear the same
    Cold,oh so cold
    Every tear the same

    I closed my eyes to see your face
    Memories flood to fill the space
    A haunting of you by my side
    Walking stride to stride

    You rocked that stage by another name
    And when you sang that song ...and looked at me
    You wrapped my heart in chain.

    (CHORUS 2)

    I'm Bone,skin and bone
    Alone,all alone
    Every tear was pain
    Bone,skin and bone
    Every tear was pain

    I've watched your life through all these years
    Drowned myself in homemade fears
    Mistakes were made and shamed with pride....our pride

    Then the end of life it came
    Running much to fast in pace
    Colors of the future just seemed drained.

    (CHORUS 3)

    I'm Stone, dust and stone
    Alone,all alone
    Every tear your blame
    Stone,dust and stone
    Every tear your blame.

    My heart is mostly mended now
    (Ex)cept for that special part
    Of which I have just one that I could give.

    A coward caught up in his tracks
    With no place to left hide.

    And the torrid love they saw as tame
    One deep wound kept bleeding through.............

    You never knew my name.

    (Chorus 4)

    I'm old,now grown old
    Alone,all alone
    Every tear remains
    Old, now grown old
    Every tear remains


    Each time your song is played
    You dance from the grave
    My life lingers still.......

    Cold,oh so cold
    Bone,skin and bone
    Stone,dust and stone
    Old,now grown old
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