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    Default Mary Jane Lamond ~ Seinn o

    Pretty song, enjoy

    Lyrics: English Translation:
    Gura muladach tha mi
    I am sad
    'S mi air irigh chruidh-bhainne
    On sheiling of dairy cattle

    Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
    Seinn o ho r seinn
    Sing o ho r sing
    Seinn o ho r leannain
    Sing o ho r darling
    Seinn o ho r seinn
    Sing o ho r sing

    Gura muladach sgth mi
    I am sad and weary
    'S mi leam fhn an tr m'aineoil
    Alone in an unknown land

    Cha b'ionnann mar bha mi
    My circumstances are unlike
    Man do dh'fhg mi 'm Brigh Raineach
    They were before leaving Rannoch Moor

    Le m'phiuthar 's le mo bhrthair
    With my brother and sister
    Cead bhith mnran ri m'leannan
    And had permission to dally with my sweetheart

    Ann am bothag an t-sgraidh
    In the little hut of lovemaking
    'S e ba dnadh dhi barrach
    Its entrance was closed with brush tops

    Ann an Eilean nan Ledach
    In the Isle of Lewis
    Far am ps gach caileag
    Where every girl will wed

    'Se bu leaba dhuinn luachair
    Our bed was rushes
    'S e bu chluasag dhuinn canach
    Our pillow was bog cotton

    Seinn, o ho r, Ruairidh
    Sing, o ho r, Rory
    Bidh daoin-uasal' air do bhanais
    Noblemen will attend your wedding feast

    Seinn, o ho r, Thormaid
    Sing, o ho r, Norman
    Fhir nan gorm-shilean meallach
    Of the blue beguiling eyes

    'S ged nach bi mi 'ga innse
    Although I won't reveal it
    'S ann an Ile tha mo leannan
    My sweetheart dwells in Islay

    'S ged nach bi mi 'ga ridhtinn
    Although I won't say it
    Thug mi grdh dhut 's mi 'm leanabh
    I have loved you since I was a child

    Gott zur Ehr, dem nchsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.

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