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    As I Lay Dying
    Life seems so transient
    So trivial
    What's the point?
    My family's gone
    Nothing left but pictures
    And they'll be tossed
    Those pictures aren't me
    They never were me
    I have a son
    He'll get my money
    As I got my parents' money
    It's such a stupid world
    And I don't regret leaving
    But I'm not really leaving
    Because I'm not going anywhere
    I'm simply ceasing to exist
    As a biological entity
    My remains will be buried
    In the veterans cemetery
    There'll be a small cross
    Which is also absurd
    Because I'm not a Christian
    No one is
    I believe in nothing
    Except that I Lay Dying
    Shortly I won't believe that

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    this is sad why would you make a poem about dying you need make one about living