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    Default Lilit Hovhanissiyan Tu tu tu - need translation from Armenian to English

    I am looking for a translation from Armenian to English for Lilit Hovhanissiyan's song Tu Tu Tu. Here is the official music video:

    Thank you very much,
    Jatila in Santa Barbara, California, USA

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    Here are the lyrics for all interested:

    Lilit Hovhannisyan - Too Too Too (this is like the equivalent of what many call "knocking on wood"... Armenians say "too, too, too" and they tap on wood with one hand)

    Sirts mi or kular txur,mekel tesa qez champis
    (My heart was crying one day, and then suddenly I saw you on my way [like the direction she was walking on on the road])
    Sksa qaylel molor-molor,hetevecir du indz hogis
    (I started to walk prancing, you followed me, my soul (we use this like, "my dear")
    Lsir indzi,vor du gtar,qo erazac axjkan
    (Listen to me, when you find the woman of your dreams)
    too too too,hankarc mer ser@ char mardik achqov chtan
    ("knock on wood", should bad people give our love the evil eye)

    na noren,na noren
    (He again, he again)
    gisherov taqun,mer aygin kuga
    (would secretly come to our park)
    u noren,u noren
    (And again, and again)
    xostumner antiv,anhashiv kuta
    (Innumerable, uncountable promises he would give)
    ax du na noren,im hogin noren
    (Oh, you, he again, my soul again)
    hambuyrovt eli kayres,tes hayrs chimana
    (With you kiss, again you burn it... see that my father does not find out)

    heriq sirov,du indz ayres
    (It's enough with love, you burn me)
    chga hayrs imana,miayn daten,astvac kanches,
    (May my father not come and find out, they will only judge, you should pray to God,)
    vor ayd cavin,na dimana
    (That he endures that pain)
    hima mekn e cankutyuns
    (Now I have one wish/desire)
    urish mek@ chxli
    (That another person does steal (him))
    chgoxna erjankutyuns
    (That s/he doesn't steal my happiness)
    Too too too eli eli
    ("knock on wood" again, again)

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