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    Default Serbian song similar with...

    I heard once a Serbian song and I do not remember very well what it was.
    But I found Yotube a song that resembles it.
    Dragana Mirkovic - Placi zemljo
    Can anyone tell me a piece that looks like this?
    I mention that the pace and tone are very similar to what I heard then.
    Please help me with suggestions.
    Thank's in advance!

    later edit
    P.S.: i searched a while and i found what i supose i heard: Dragana Mirkovic - Kojom Gorom
    P.P.S. any suggestions are wellcome
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    Thread moved to Serbian - Croatian - Bosnian section.
    A redirecting link will be available on "Look for" for a month's period.
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    Ok. Thank you, Amehystos!

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