Wild Force - I Want You To Stay ??

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  1. bamargera said:

    Default Wild Force - I Want You To Stay ??

    Can you help me figure out the lyrics.
    Especially the chorus.

  2. lyrhaako said:


    Hi, I think I got it, see below
    However, I think you should have opened a thread in the general lyrics requests forum instead.

    I'm so tired can't keep my hands clean
    I'm pushing things and the reason you are here
    Waves coming through the dark dividing all in two
    You're erecting walls between us as if they already knew

    I can't believe you said your final words
    Though I'm accustomed to your vicious hurting words
    Sleeping on tears doesn't solve things out
    Nobody cares for you when you're down and (hurt?)

    Don't walk away
    Want you to stay
    We have so many wounds to heal
    Don't walk away
    Want you to stay
    Nothing's ever gonna change the way I feel

    Your little speech doesn't convince me
    It just proves the things aren't what they used to be
    Walls don't fall even if they're shaken
    We have to catch the feeling if we wanna make it

    Chorus - guitar solo - chorus