I heard this song twice on the radio sometime after midnight just a few weeks ago. The three problems are that for one, I don't remember that many words from the chorus, two, the DJ only played the chorus, the first verse, and then ended the song and switched to Jump Man by Drake, and three, I don't know the name of the guy that this song is by. The DJ didn't bother to say anything until the Drake song came on.

The only part of the chorus that I remember goes, "Been gettin money ain't a damn thing funny, ayeeeeeeee."
I don't remember if the chorus goes exactly like that or if there are other lyrics in between or before, but that's all that I could make out at the time I heard the song.

The most distinctive part of the chorus is that the guy says ayeeeee quite a few times. There is no singing in the chorus, the guy has a lower voice from what i remember, and it's a rap song. I've googled the lyrics for hours and had no luck, I went to the radio stations website, and had no luck either. So I would really appreciate it if anybody out there could find this song for me. I would make my day.