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    Johnb31 said:

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    The corporeal void within my soul
    Withers like a dying coal
    For the fire that's burns
    Is the fire that turns
    My soul to coals
    My soul to coals

    Warm the water with this coal
    Pour it forth into my soul
    Release me from the fire that burns
    Deliver me from all it turns
    To ashes
    To ashes
    I feel reborn
    There is not enough space or time to truly let the song unwind
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    Jim Colyer said:


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  3. Zakynthos said:


    That "burns-turns" rhyme is a real earworm! Good work, I like it!
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    dark1979 said:


    You began the poem quickly
  5. limbo said:


    Old thread, I know but just wanted to say that I really like that first line man! Nice choice of words, great work!