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    Angry 2016 female vocals.

    Its a new song as of january-feburary 2016. its a female vocalist which music that sounds more towards kids toy wood chimes with the little drum sticks with the rubber balls on the end. Non traditional instruments yet not quite electronic ya know. and not so much dance as it is pop.
    The chorus lyrics are go a little like " and if you are worried about tomorrow,.... then ill be staying at the hotel" and she says hotel like "ho-teh-el" I've tried a few lyrical variations and I've found nothing even close. The vocalist sounds like Ellie Goulding

    comes on soon after the song "Ive been thinking bout it, aint no doubt about it"

    which is another song I'm looking for. male singer, new to lols radio as of jan-feb 2016.

    Please help!!!!!! its bothering me

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    "Hotel A" by Cecilie Alexandra

    "We've Got Love" by Babyface

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