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    Default Delkash - Asire Ghafas

    This is such a beautiful song. Pinglish and english translation please.

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    Default Delkash - Asire Ghafas

    Man gereftaram o to gereftari --------------------------- I’m distressed and you are distressed
    Man ghami daram o to ghami dari ----------------------- I have a grief and you have a grief
    Vay az dele man ------------------------------------------- oh from my heart!
    To be konje ghafas ---------------------------------------- you at the corner of the cage
    Man be deldari --------------------------------------------- I, consoling
    Shod hejrash moshkele man ----------------------------- his separation became my problem

    Be khoda, be khoda ke shodam sir az in jahane fani ----- by God, I’ve had enough of this mortal world
    To morghe bi par o bal ------------------------------------- you a wingless bird
    Asire in ghafasi ---------------------------------------------- are captive in this cage
    Manam asiram ----------------------------------------------- I’m also a captive
    Chon to be dame kasi -------------------------------------- like you in someone’s trap

    Ah az dele man ---------------------------------------------- oh from my heart!
    Gole man ----------------------------------------------------- my flower
    Kei ayad? ----------------------------------------------------- when will arrive?
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