(I've been out of the writing scene for a while, so I'm trying to get some ideas out of my mind and onto paper.)

I am not writing you to say hello, I am not here to ask about your day.
I am not here for a teary goodbye, I am not begging you to stay.
I have seen you in my slumber, every inch of your skin melting into mine,
I have breathed you in so wholly, I have seen the way your eyes shine.
I have touched the depth of your soul, I have inhabited your heart,
And though many miles separate us, I know our love cannot part.
Id like to tell you I miss you, but no words could ever compensate,
The loneliness I feel without you, its much more than I can take.
The next time that I write to you, it will not be just hello,
But maybe the simple statement, Im learning to let you go.