Title and lyrics of this Chechen (?) song

Thread: Title and lyrics of this Chechen (?) song

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  1. Schlachtschiff said:

    Default Title and lyrics of this Chechen (?) song


    This YouTube video shows the village Старые-Атаги (Starye Atagi) in the Chechen Republic (Чеченская республика) in Russia. There are two songs played in the video. I'd like to know:

    • the language
    • the title
    • and maybe the lyrics

    of the second song

    I hope it's okay to post it here.

    Anyone, who can help?
  2. feuersteve's Avatar

    feuersteve said:


    I've heard and seen this video before. I 'm sure it is Chechen language from the comments, sound and the music. (The comments are in Russian)

    Chechen Republic, the village of Old Atagi-street Khanpasha Nuradilova, especially for those who live outside aisles of our beloved homeland!

    Maviii, can you tell him the name of the songs??
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
  3. Isabella said:


    Hello Schlachtschiff,
    Maybe you can try at http://forum.unilang.org/viewforum.php?f=99

    It's a language forum and the users speak several languages so there might be someone who can help you.
    Also look at this thread http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/sh...d.php?t=143531 it's also about this video.
    Please post if you found out.

    Good luck!