Glückstraum by Lars Reichow

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  1. Jan Booysen said:

    Default Glückstraum by Lars Reichow

    Does anybody have the complete lyrics, please?
  2. Jan Booysen said:


    This sounds like such a nice German love song, just wish I understood more of it

    Als ich zum ersten mal von dir geträumpt hat
    Habben wir noch alle kleider an
    Als ich zum ersten mal ??? von dir geträumpt hat

    Really need help with this
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  3. Steena's Avatar

    Steena said:


    Hello Jan, where could we listen to the complete song? I guess it might be possible to note down the lyrics while listening to the song!
    होता है जो होना है ... वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है ...
    कौन कहता है आदमी अपनी किस्मत खुद लिखता है?
  4. Jan Booysen said:


    Hi Steena,

    I was only able to listen to partial clips on the internet:ückstraumückstraum/dp/B00BYT13LG

    I could maybe give someone a $10 amazon gift card if they could note down the lyrics for me. That would leave a bit for that person to buy something they want also.