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    Exclamation Multiple Arabic-French songs

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking for the lyrics to these songs. I already searched with terms like 'lyrics' 'paroles' and 'كلمات' but haven't found anything yet.

    1. OGB Feat. Mohamed Lamine - Lala Fatema

    2. L'algerino Feat. Kader Japonais - Classi

    3. DJ Sem, DJ Souhil, Cheb Akil - International Flavor

    4. Jalal el Hamdaoui Feat. Driver - Nzour Nebra

    5. DJ Said Feat. Safir & Amine Wahrani - Moulet Zine

    If you have any tips on how to find lyrics to these kind of songs, or any useful sites that have Moroccan/Algerian lyrics, I would love to know. And if anyone knows of any similar Arabic-French songs, please tell me!

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    Hi my dear vevoo

    Here's the track 2 lyrics :
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    Shukraaaan ya hob!