The other day i was in chipotle grill and i heard this song. i'm pretty sure it's an old song i've heard it before in the past i just never knew the name or the lyrics. i couldn't make out the lyrics. i been trying to type in anything i thought sounded like it but so far nothing.

it's a female singer and it has a lot of "oh whoa oh oh" in the beginning of the song and me and my friend were trying to figure out if they were saying
"and this is how we knoooowww" or "this is how it goesssssss" or "let me goooo" i just have no idea what they are saying. it's not a slow song it had more of a beat and they were singing kinda fast so it was hard to make out the words. i was making up my own lyrics to be able to say how it sounded. people tell me sounds familar they just can't figure it out. it might have been a pop song.

does anyone have any idea of what song this is?