Autumnal shifts in weather patterns
breathe new life into what's been a deadbeat year
boozing off pocket money
Top Cat's low grade gear burrows into vulnerable mindsets
never again
least til Friday
then we'll get popping off again
stopping off again at the one stop shop for two wraps to get off a lot

Regrettable Saturdays linger like lost loves
serotonin pinging like a pinball wizard
hazard a guess at who stayed up until the death
of the night and whose plight lies in the eyes of hope in disguise
still trying to balance the lows with the highs
a bonfire burns
smoke seeps into reds in skies that cover a made-up land
a couple diazapams if Sam's got them to hand
a brand new brand of angst killer
the hole only gets bigger the longer you burn the candle at dead ends

Have you ever been holed up in a town
full of ghosts where most of them follow you round
they haunt souls, chill bones and are usually found
staring you out before dragging you down
when your hearts worn on a sleeve that's stained and scuffed
and bears the markings of a man in the rough
the workings of a man who's had enough
of debauched weekends off the back of tortured weekdays

I'm the ever so slightly holding it together man
i'm the overly pessimistic winter weather man
my humor's not humorless - distinctly deadpan
I'm a living dead man on a getting out of bed ban
I stay in and I stay up until the AMs
you can't stand out when you're only in it for the lay-ins
tomorrow's a new day to stand up and be brave
but so was today, yesterday

If songs on the radio led us to believe
that love's a want and not a need
the pain that pours and bleeds
out of every pore disagrees