Early house / late disco "I need your lovin"

Thread: Early house / late disco "I need your lovin"

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  1. tyoi said:

    Default Early house / late disco "I need your lovin"

    NOT 'I Need Your Loving' by Baby D.

    It's an earlier track, totally different one but contains the same lyric "I need your lovin" OR "I need your love". I think it was a classic back in the day.

    There's a break of several seconds between "I..." and "need" or at least the "I..." is stretched over several seconds before the sentence continues. Not sure what the name of the track is. Beautiful female voice, sounds like a black, soul voice to me.

    Problem is the lyric is very common so I've failed to get it through searches.

    Just looking for the name of the track please, and ideally a link to it.

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  2. MIRO-VT said:



    Uk hit from 1989.This track is closer to the soul/r&b sound not to the disco.
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  3. tyoi said:


    Thanks for the try but not this one. Pretty sure what I am looking for would have been played at the Warehouse alongside Frankie Knuckles and Traxx, 86-88. Probably Hacienda too. It was a hit too. It's not Acid House, definitely Old School House with a heavy disco/soul influence.

    More I think of it the more I think it was "I need your love" in the chorus with the "I" stretched out and the "love" having two syllables like lu - uv".

  4. rcgldr said:


    It might be Got To Have Loving, there are a few versions of this, the original by Don Ray, and a popular cover by Cerrone and Chic.
  5. tyoi said:


    Thanks but that's not it. It's definitely from the Frankie Knuckles and Steve "Silk" Hurley era.
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    atmaestro said:


    Try the following songs:

    "I Need Your Love" by Dollar (1979)
    "I Need Your Love" by Kelly Marie (1982)
    "I Need Your Love" by Miami Sound Machine (featuring Gloria Estefan) (1984)
    "Baby I Need Your Love" by Debelah Morgan (1994?)
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