will you become my Heaven?

if I hold your hand,will you come with me to the far end of the world?
if I want you to wait,will you wait me at the far end of the world?
when storms break up in my sea,will you become my port?
when it becomes dark,will you become my lighthouse,when it clears off,will you become my stars,when the sky is clouded over,will you become my compass?
will you become my touchstone...will you my litmus?
when my heart juice blurs,will you become my elixir to clear it?
when doors are closed,will you become my door,when paths wear away,will you become my path,when I want to hide,will you become my shelter? or both my freedom and dungeon?
if I feel cold,will you become my house? or my blanket,my mother's bosom?
will you become an oasis in my desert?....will you become a date palm in my oasis?
will you embrace me just like a mountain does a rabbit,a desert does an antelope,the night does dreams
will you pin your hopes on me just like moors keep their pecker up with the sky even if they're chappin crackingly?
when I wanna go,will you become my wings?
if I wanna stay,will you become fetters around my feet?
will you become my houris? or my manna and my quail?
I'm not into onion or garlic..not into exile in Tih desrt either
will you be waitin me at this place if I go to get fire and return long time afterwards?
will you come after me and never look back if my people leave me and if I escape from ?
in an arid valley,if I leave you only to Allah
not condemnin me,will you believe Him and work for Him?
when I droop,will you become my hope,when I cease to be merry,will you become my enthusiasm?
if my heart is invaded,will you become my rescuer and guide?

will you become my friend,comrade,my confidant,my companion
my peace,my joy,my light,my fancy,my bless
will you become my Heaven?