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  1. waitmylove said:

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    You will notice that your house is too narrow to fit you inside of it
    you will jump up to street
    Also streets will be narrow for you
    Just like your body is narrow for your heart
    The blue of the sea will not please you nor the shining sky
    You will get too bigger to carry yourself , At the same time you will get smaller to get lost

    Someones gonna tell you something non-stop
    'the most important thing is the healt'
    'its nice to be alive"
    "Nevermind everythings gonna be forgotten" etc etc
    And you will hear none of them
    You will not be able to see around because of the tears
    You will hate her/him as you want him/her to die,a minute later you will love her/him so much as you want to die in her/his arms
    You will want to talk about her/him always
    You will not ask 'what did you say?' if they say 'the solution for death has found' or 'Doomsday is tomorrow'
    You will want to be alone
    To get lost in the crowded
    Both will not be enough
    You will think about the past
    Moment by moment
    But with skipping the bads (memories)
    You will want to pass from the places that you have been with her/him
    to go places that you have been
    it will not be good for you at all
    But you will still do it
    You will run away if someone say that you can rip off the pain inside you
    You will resist to live the pain though you want to survive
    You will want to spend your life time by thinking about her/him
    You will hate the people who says the opposite
    You will make everyone like her/him
    But you will not replace her/him
    Nothings gonna discract you
    You will shelter to drugs
    That cloud your mind for couple of hours but not make you forget about her/him
    That just makes you watch behind a frosted glass
    It wil be like whole songs has written for you two
    Your throat will get knotted and you cannot listen
    It will be hard to sleep,easy to wake up
    You will not wait for morning
    And sometimes you will say 'i wish the sun would never come up'
    The nights will not make you comfortable nor the mornings
    You will want to die but cant
    maybe you will want to hug someone that shows up as thinking 'nail would replace the nail' *
    but no
    Even the thought of it will not be logical to you
    You will see dreams that you want them to come true
    You will notice that you are saying his/her name everytime you wake up by jumping
    You will wait the phone to ring
    Even though you know he/she wouldnt call
    You will get excited everytime it rings
    You will talk to who calls you. like you are crying
    Your heart will be ache
    You will get hurt
    You will swear not to love again
    You will not want to do anything about the life
    You will die to hear his/her voice again
    You will hate yourself for not thanking the days that she/he has called
    You will want to leave the city that you are living in
    To move to place that you have no memories with him/her
    But the hope
    The hope that bump into each other somewhere
    This hope will keep you of going
    You will live in ebb and floods
    Sure ...if you can call it 'living'
    Do you accept all of these ?
    Are you ready to die and to return to life again?
    Then you can fall in love
  2. just said:


    So that people can help you, please supply the name of the actual song you wish us to translate, and the name of the singer / composer.

    What you have posted does not appear to be a song lyric written originally in English. It looks like a bad translation into English from some other language. There are many mistakes and things that do not make sense.

    If you are dealing with a song lyric that is not English, and you want it translated into Spanish, please post the original language, not some terrible English translation. Then people will be able to help you properly.

    Thank you