Need Help Finding An Old Rave (kind of) Song!

Thread: Need Help Finding An Old Rave (kind of) Song!

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  1. Mugen said:

    Default Need Help Finding An Old Rave (kind of) Song!

    Hey guys/girls,

    I'm looking for a late 90's or early 2000's rave/techno song. I don't know the song name or artist, because all the songs on the cd was named track 1, track 2, etc... I barely remember much about it but this is what I do remember:
    - The beat had "ting" type of sounds. I would follow a sequence like (ting, ting ting ting ting, ting ting ting ting ting ting)
    - Female vocals (1 female)
    - She sang with a very low kind of voice
    - There wasn't a lot of lyrics, mainly repeats of the same lyrics
    - There was a build up in it too

    More or less about the lyrics:
    It was something along the lines of:
    "I love you *ting beats* my love is true"
    Or possibly...
    "My loves for you"
    Or possibly...
    "I want you"

    That's all I remember... if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it! Last time I heard it was in 2009, but it definitely came out before that, at least before 2006 (I think).

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  2. EppyX said:


    It could possibly be:

    Eruption - Don't You Want Me (Force & Styles Remix)

    "I need you, don't you want me? Take some time out and you will see.."