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    First post for a while, be gentle!

    Verse 1
    It's late at night
    I can't sleep, can't get you off my mind
    And heaven knows how I've tried
    Shame and regrets
    Fill my waking consciousness
    Oh there's just so much I despise

    Bridge 1
    There's some things that I need to know
    The same old questions before I go
    There's some things that I have to say
    Like why are you hiding if you're not afraid

    Verse 2
    Same old bar
    Another short, the only way to get as far
    Away from myself as I can
    Smooth spoken lines
    Crying out for somebody to share the night
    To make me feel like I'm still a man

    There's some things you need to know
    Some final thoughts before I go
    You'll always be the apple of my eye
    I never meant for this, I never dreamt this
    Would be goodbye
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    Interesting how it ends with a bridge. It's a good write. I personally think it just needs a bit more metaphors to "beautify" it. Keep up the good work.