female voice with "can't do anything" chorus or similar

Thread: female voice with "can't do anything" chorus or similar

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  1. multivac85 said:

    Default Solved: female voice with "can't do anything" chorus or similar

    Hi. I'm from Italy. I listened a song by radio a week ago. I don't remember the melody but I remember that the voice was female (or at least it seemed so) and the chorus had the words "can't do anything" or "can do anything" or similar words (english is not my first language, so maybe the real words were different). These words "can do anything" were repeated almost two times in the chorus and the chorus was repeated several times in the song. The instruments in the song were drums, keyboards that sound like strings and maybe guitar (the style was pop, maybe with electronic sounds) and the song was played very fast. Who can help me?


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  2. wurzlsepp said:


    Not that famous song from the 80s but the lyrics matches so i give it a shot: Karen Blake - Anything At All
  3. multivac85 said:


    No, It wasn't "Anything at all" by Karen Blake... The song was faster and maybe it wasn't a female voice...
  4. multivac85 said:


    I identified the song, is "Faded" by Alan Walker:


    There was no the sentence "can do anything", the words that I heard were " Where are you now... I'm faded", my recognition of spoken and singed English is not very good...