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    Default [Korea] Identify this korean song

    its from korea drama " drinking solo "

    its on episode 12 from 41:21 - 42:55

    That's right, I don't know if I'm drunk.
    I don't know if it's a mistake either.
    When the morning comes,
    I don't remember a thing.
    I'm not sure if that
    makes you nervous.
    However, tonight.
    here's something I must tell you.
    'm sorry to show you
    my vulnerabilities.
    Don't just think I'm saying this
    because I'm drunk.
    When I stand in front of you
    I thought I'd be ready, but I'd say
    the opposite of what I want to say.
    Or I would look back upon it
    and regret those words.
    I would confess how I feel and tell you
    that I loved you from the start.
    I'd say I love you like this...

    this is the lyrics from the subtitle

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    kim dong ryul drunken truth

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