I usually don't go to Starbucks, but today I had been with my friends. We were sitting at one of the tables for about an hour, and a song began playing which I very much liked. They both were speaking loudly, so I had to hush them, but even so it was difficult to hear the lyrics because of the sound quality of the speakers. What I gathered:

  • the song is very 'deep,' and very likely has a bass in it
  • it begins with a piano
  • the vocalist is male
  • one of the lyrics that I heard most certainly was "but it's not that, it's..." (and slightly guessing) "...who i'm with tonight"
  • near the end, I believe he's singing "duet, duet"

I had asked the cashier if he could tell me the song name. He attempted, but his phone was frozen, so he couldn't go back. Hopefully someone could assist me in finding it!