A handful... "Free", "Good time", "Falling", "Song that played"

Thread: A handful... "Free", "Good time", "Falling", "Song that played"

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  1. Bee78 said:

    Default A handful... "Free", "Good time", "Falling", "Song that played"

    I started out to make a playlist of songs I heard at Kohl's to see how many they played... I was pretty surprised that I never heard the same one twice in an eight-hour shift. (Well, outside the juniors section.)
    At this point (almost 14 hours worth of songs), I'm just trying to make it as complete as possible!

    Here are the four I haven't identified yet:

    For this one I'm amazed that I haven't searched it up yet, since I pretty much know the whole song. It's two women, each taking some lines on verses. Some of the lyrics:
    "Have an opinion but not too much / be glamorous, be the girl next door / so many rules you know I can't keep score"
    "After all it's your flaws that make you who you are"
    "Never felt so free (beautiful) / Free to be me (beautiful)"

    Another is the party-feel one that goes "Are you having a good time baby / are you having a good time now?"

    Another is a male group I think. I may yet find this one if I can hear a clearer / more distinct lyric, but so far I've got "They'll be watching you anyway" (another couple of lines go in here) "...falling for you (falling, falling, falling)"
    Edit: Found this one. It's actually "calling for you", in California's Calling Ya by The Explorers Club.

    The last one I don't have a clear lyric at all, but I'm pretty sure there's something about "the song that played on the night we met". I think the narrator (guy) walks a girl to her door, maybe they laugh together?
    Edit: Got it! It's "The Stars over Your House" by Bob Schneider. Considering I barely remembered the song I didn't do a bad job describing it.
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  2. Tempranillo said:


    I've been searching for "Free" for about half of the day, and I stumbled across this thread. Your memory of the lyrics was better than mine, and I finally managed to find it.

    It's "Free" by Anya Marina