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    Default Hong Kong 2016

    HONG KONG, China 2016

    I flew to Hong Kong, October 31, 2016, for 4 days and 3 nights. I flew American Airlines. I changed planes in L.A., both going and coming. A host from Globus/Monograms met me.

    Hong Kong is an island off the Chinese mainland. It was a British colony for 156 years 1841-1997, except during the Japanese occupation of World War II.

    In 1997, Hong Kong was transferred to the People's Republic of China. The territory is a "Special Administrative Region" under a "one country, two systems" idea. SAR includes Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.

    Hong Kong is Asia's city. That tall skyscraper in the business district is the International Commerce Center. HSBC Bank is the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

    Hong Kong is a financial center, and both Chinese and English are official languages. Road signs are in English, and cars drive on the left side. Hong Kongers love to shop and dine. Their currency is the Hong Kong dollar, and I got some.

    Writing is an art in China. There is no alphabet. Written language consists of characters, squares with criss-crossing lines. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong.

    My hostess (Lyona) escorted me up Victoria Peak to enjoy the panorama of the city and Victoria Harbor. The Peak and the Harbor are named after the British queen 1837-1901. We strolled by the Peak Tower.

    I was given a sampan boat ride in Aberdeen, and we passed the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. We drove through Wan Chai, the red light district in "The World Of Suzie Wong" and strolled through Stanley Market. Repulse Bay got its name because it was where the British "repulsed" Chinese pirates.

    Lyona knew about Elvis Presley, and we sang lines from "Love Me Tender." She helped me check into the Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Kowloon. It was first class. The Chinese people I encountered were polite and accommodating.

    My second day began with Big Buddha on Lantau Island. Tian Tan Buddha is a 112 feet tall bronze statue. 21% of Hong Kongers are Buddhists. I had lunch in a Buddhist monastery.

    The Hong Kong archipelago consists of 260 islands, and Lantau is the largest.

    The central business district is located on Hong Kong Island, across the harbor from Kowloon. With a population of over 7 million, Hong Kong is a Chinese Manhattan.

    Victoria Harbor lies between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The harbor's location on the South China Sea contributed to Hong Kong becoming a British colony.

    Nearby Macau was a Portuguese colony. It is called the "Vegas of the East" because it is the only place in China that has legalized gambling.

    Hong Kong latitude 22°N
    Hong Kong longitude 114°E
    Nashville latitude 36.°N,
    Nashville longitude 86° W

    Lines of latitude run north and south from the equator. Lines of longitude (meridians) run from the north pole to the south pole. The prime meridian runs through Greenwich, England, a London suburb. From Greenwich, east and west longitude lines run 180 degrees around the globe and meet at the International Date Line.;fa=1GP_HongKong.jpg
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    hello evryone.

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