I uploaded a recording of "Maria var en my s ren" on YT a while ago and now someone asked for a translation. This is probably my favourite Christmas song (we have it in Germany too), so I was more than willing to translate it. However, the Norwegian lyrics are a bit different than the German ones and I actually speak very little Norwegian.

Could someone who speaks the language better proof-read this and tell me if something's wrong?

Maria var en my s ren
Mary was a maid so pure
Kyrie eleison
Maria trdte p torn og sten

Mary walked over thorns and stones
der hun vandret trett imot Bethlehem
when she wandered toward Bethlehem
Jesus og Maria
Jesus and Mary

Hva var Marias smerte og trang.
What was Mary's pain and urgency?
Kyrie eleison.
Hva fylte smerten med himmelsk sang?

What filled her pain with heavenly song?
Det var verdens frelser hun bar i fang,
It was the world's saviour whom she carried in her lap
Jesus og Maria.

En engel til Maria kom.
An angel came to Mary
Kyrie eleison.
Hun tvilte ei i sin tro s from

She never doubted her faith
p Herrens bud i helligdom.
since the Lord's word in the sanctuary
Jesus og Maria.

Da tornen ble en lilje blid.
Then the thorn became a lily
Kyrie eleison.
Og Marias vandring en himmelsti

And Mary's wandering a heavenly path
med Jesusbarnet til frelse rik.
with Baby Jesus full of salvation
Jesus og Maria.