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  1. fern carle said:

    Default baby i aint

    accept me baby just as i am
    don't try to change me don't think you can
    i'm just a girl doing my best
    since i wrapped my world around you my life is a mess

    in your eyes i can never be right
    you always find reasons to put up a fight
    you put me down to build yourself up
    who are you to look down at love

    if you wanted perfection wanted a saint
    you got the wrong girl cause baby i aint

    hungry for love all you give me are crumbs
    your icy disposition makes me feel numb
    you put up your walls refuse to let me in
    the way that you treat me baby it's a sin

    lonely i feel so lonely in love with a guy
    who makes me feel like a woman denied
    lonely i feel so lonely i feel so damn alone
    giving my heart to a man who loves like a stone

    it's a package deal my body and soul
    if you want to be with me accept me as a whole
    but you seem to find fault in me in everything i do
    take a good look in the mirror the problem is you
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  2. jun said:


    The problem is you thats what i thought to conclude
    Even though my thoughts can elude my perception of reality if its not spent with you
    I got caught in the the mood everything aint what it seems and the fault is with you
    Call me a prude you can call me a lame that dont change the fact that you slobbed on my wang
    You got caught up with dave while you was supposed to be with me so i started fondling jane
    I thought you really loved me but its all been a game
    I am not filled up hate with you taught me a lesson and i will not fall for this again
    Even my sovereign isnt vein so how am i supposed to keep going when you tossed me in the waves
    Its mfn deep ocean the fish and sharks be all swimming the same